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Choosing a poker site is not a task that is exclusively for new players. Even experienced players get in on the sifting when they are on the lookout for somewhere new to play. Regardless of the reason and experience level, sifting can be a demanding endeavor.

The major reason why, is that there are way too many poker sites online that making a choice actually feel like navigating a labyrinth. No less, because of how your preferences and circumstances markedly influence your choice.

Certain aspects of a poker site are particularly important for anyone who has to choose a poker site. Clearly, some of these aspects may be more relevant to you than others are and you may have additional very specific criteria on your checklist. In any case, the factors itemized in this article are a good way to start as regards choosing a poker site.


There is a reason why many people flock around certain poker rooms than they do others. The reason is reputation, trust, accountability and a host of other appealing attributes that you can't just cast down a pipe.

If you do encounter poker sites that have a pervasive distasteful reputation, you shouldn't try or stick around to ascertain if your case would be different. It's best to move on to those with solid reputation, as there are lots of them available.

It should be said though that poker websites with awful reputation are in the minority, so it is possible that you will not encounter any of time during your search. Still, it pays to be safe. So, you should do your due diligence about the reputation and safety of a poker site you have interest in to avoid burning your hands.

Software Quality

Over the years, poker clients have become more advanced and feature-packed. It's a trend that shows no sign of easing. Therefore, you should make a dash for online poker sites that have amazing software with regular upgrades and improvements. This is because they offer the overall best possible experiences for players.

We cannot overstate the importance of using stable, smoothly running, user-friendly, and engaging software. Furthermore, such software are usually feature-rich that give you awesome custom abilities like reviewing hand histories or taking notes on your opponents. Together, these attributes would redefine your playing experience.

Player Count

The general rule of thumb for this factor is: 'Higher is Better.' Two key reasons back this rule.

The first stems from basic human behavioral patterns. We tend to flock in our numbers in places where things are going on well. Relatedly, a poker site with lots of active players should signify a safe choice.

The second reason is that an increased player count represents a diverse aggregation of potential players to play against. Therefore, many games run concurrently and the huge selection guarantees that you wouldn't meet an empty or sparsely populated room whenever you decide to play.

Games and Stakes Variety

If you are after a wide selection games, are locked in on a poker game type that do not get as much attention as Texas Hold'em, or want to be able to vary your stakes, then you should make certain that the poker site you choose serves you well.

However if you are a one game kind of player and play the same stakes all the time, you shouldn't dismiss a faction just yet. Variety is the spice of life, and certainly, a poker site with more variation will bring in more players, which ultimately offers the benefits discussed in the 'player count' subsection above.


Depositing some funds into your account is essential before you can play poker online. Often, poker sites spread their nets to support various deposit options. Still, not every site offers all the diverse deposit options.

If you prefer to make deposit with an option that is not commonly accepted, then you have to ensure that a site supports your preferred method before you sign up.

Bonuses and Promotions

The bonuses and promotions offered by many poker sites almost point to the outrageous. This is understandable because the market is very competitive. However, as a player you should be mindful of these offers. The best way to do so is to peruse through the terms and conditions of these offers pedantically.

The usual nature of sign up bonuses is such that you have to play a certain amount before you gain access to the bonuses. However, there are rules contained in the terms and conditions that guide everything from when you liable to receive the bonus and what actions/conditions can prevent you from accessing the bonuses or rewards.

Consequently, the bonuses on some sites are easier to clear than the bonuses on other sites. This also underscores the earlier recommendation to go through the respective terms and conditions of the bonuses and rewards.

Furthermore, and just as importantly, you should pay note to any promotions and rewards offered on a recurrent/on-going basis. These type of offers are usually of value if you are a regular player.


The list above is not exhaustive. However, it represents some of the most important factors that you should consider when choosing a poker site. In addition, you may use select specific factors important to you to trim down the clutter further until you find a poker site that you would like to use.